Enola Holmes ♡

 Enola Holmes is a welcome shot of freshness for 2020.

Not only is Sherlock Holmes deftly re-invigorated and humanised by the delectable Henry Cavill, but Millie Bobby Brown as Enola is a charasmatic herione for our times.  


In fact the entire cast does a great job with their characters.  There is everything from traditionalists to reformists and a sneering Mycroft to a budding love interest for Enola.

Although the mystery aspect is relatively light, the movie is charming, fast paced and beautifully filmed. 

Aside from humour it also has hopeful messages for finding family, meaning and oneself.


Let's hope that they make many more!

So in a nutshell, here are my Top 10 reasons to watch Enola Holmes:
1.  Henry Cavill is the best Sherlock ever, quirky and intruiging.
2.  Millie Bobby Brown as Enola is a timeless heroine with verve, beguillingly breaking the 4th wall to draw us into her adventure.
3.  It is a fun, light-hearted mystery with humour and pathos.
4.  The action is well paced and scripted, keeping you entertained all along the way.
5. Familiar characters are now more nuanced and reveal appealing sensibilities.
6.  It has a beautiful period setting and costumes.
7.  It is a coming of age movie with a timeless message.
8.  It is a family friendly film with genuinely enough to entertain adults and kids alike.
9.  The movie is feel-good and has enough charm to make you want to watch it again.
10.   It has a really solid cast with stellar performances all around.

Highly recommended as a fun, feel-good, family friendly movie.



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