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My one bedroom garden cottage in Kenilworth, Cape Town is now officially on the market!

Here are my home staging tips to make a small, empty, blank canvas appeal to a broad audience - from young professionals to retirees.

These pics below are from my first estate agent.  This is the staging that I did to make the most of this cute "blank canvas" with minimal budget outlay:


It's taken about a month to do upgrades and re-decorate after the tenant departed.  If you follow me on instagram you may have seen progress along the way, but I will also post a before and after in due course.  

Tip 1:  Clean and clear everything first 

 The open plan living area has been freshly repainted and thoroughly cleaned.

Tip 2:  Assess and action work that must be done (eg paint, repairs, upgrades)
 My budget went here as I use all my own props and find that only minimal furniture items and objects are required to make the place look appealing.
Tip 3:  Select basic furniture to showcase how the space functions
 I chose neutral furniture, a white bistro dining set plus warmer cane and rattan chairs.

Tip 4:  Choose a colour scheme to pull things together

Then the fun part came in selecting items to showcase the flexible living space with bright and pretty colours. To make the listing distinctive I used greens and blues and lots of greenery and fresh flowers.

The kitchenette area has a brand new cabinet with beautiful white counters.  

It is very flexible in terms of where appliances can be used so I kept staging to a minimum.  

Tip 5:  Use what you have to set the scene

I don't believe you need to install appliances or tech or elaborate settings to make a place look appealing, just some objects to show how the space can be used by a future buyer.

Small baskets and decorative tins along with some bar stools show how lovely the flow is onto the living area and private patio.

Tip 6:  Be creative!   Make, borrow items and improvise to keep costs low

The bedroom is light and bright so I decided to use a cute rug instead of a bed to show how the space can easily accomodate a large double bed.

I made and framed a cute poster, which along with a small table and jug of flowers shows how charming the space can be (with minimal effort).


Tip 7:  Add organic elements - greenery, fruit, flowers

Every room needs this to bring things to life.  In person the elements of light and scent are important too - so make sure there is natural light and air out or freshen up the area before showings.
The all-white bathroom received a sparkling new cabinet and some sprigs of greenery to suit the rest of the flat.  Such a super easy way to go from clinical to clean and fresh.

Tip 8:  Be distinctive and create a unique, memorable vibe

I selected original art that I'd made that worked with the scheme.  It ties things together and makes for a unique listing.   (There are so many affordable ways to frame print-outs or magazine pics that the options to make something look bespoke are really endless).


Tip 9:   Emphasise what is unique about the property

The best thing about this apartment is that it is really like a cottage.  It only has one neighbour to the side and has a charming little private patio garden.

The existing gravel was tidied up and a variety of indigenous succulents were planted.  With autumn upon us in the Cape this will hopefully survive with minimal looking after.

Tip 10:  Look at your space with fresh eyes

I am always fascinated to see how people can focus on different aspect of the same place.   It's a great idea to get feedback from outsiders and tweak things if required.

My pictures show unique selling points like the view of Table Mountain as you open the front gate to enter the property, and the lovely height of the ceilings and architectural details of the living room.  In my blog post pic and life these colours are much cooler, less orange, so the green and blue dominates with a very subtle neutral.  Check out the other pics from my previous post to compare and let me know what you think.

I will post links to the listing when it is available, and also to instagram.  Let's hope someone new gets to love my sweet first home as much as I did! 



For more details on this listing, click on this link: 


 I am also available for Home Staging Consults.   

I am happy to do virtual (or in-person visits in the Cape Town area).  You don't need to be moving or selling to refresh and revitalise how your home looks and feels.  Minimal cost is required as for the most part using what you have to best advantage is all that is required!


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