Cottage for Sale - Garden Details ♡

My darling one bedroom garden apartment is on the market!

It is very conveniently situation in Kenilworth, Cape Town.

These are my photographs of the home - spot the difference to those taken by the realtors (or estate agents).  Firstly and most obviously, neither agent showed that you have a view of Table Mountain every time you enter through the front gate into the patio garden of the home:



None of the other units have this view either ;-) 


Even on a cloudy day, you can get a glimpse of Devils Peak:


The view from the inside to the side is a bit stark as new plantings have just gone in.  An indigenous mix of succulents in different colours and textures for a low maintenance and drought friendly set-up.

For comparison, these are the garden pics from Agent A and Agent B:

Small, but significant differences I think!

For more details on this listing, click on this link:

 I am also available for Home Staging Consults.   

I am happy to do virtual (or in-person visits in the Cape Town area).  You don't need to be moving or selling to refresh and revitalise how your home looks and feels.  Minimal cost is required as for the most part using what you have to best advantage is all that is required!


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