Drawing Room ♡

Our fancifully named drawing room is the smallest and lastt addition to our home.  It is my little "salon" or she-cave where I indulge my love of jewel colours and eclectic sparkly objects.

This space is constantly evolving.  I love to change things up.  And by this I mean with art, cushions, throws, books, flowers and moving around cute things from elsewhere in the house.
Almost all our new cushions can find a space here, even if it's just for a season.  

I love how different the space can look with a quick tweak or two.

The basics are neutrals - a white couch, two cream chairs, 2 ghost chairs and a black and white ottoman.  But the layering of kantha quilts or granny square blankets and assorted cushions provide endless variations on colour and pattern.

The planned gallery wall of ceramics is still waiting in the wings, but that will finish off the jewel box perfectly.  Until then my abstract art and other paintings complement whatever else I have going on in the room.

Happy decorating!


Yellow Decor Inspo ♡

Yellow is such a happy colour - even a small accent of it in an otherwise neutral space gives a shot of much needed positive sunshine. 


Try it in small (or large doses).  So many options from golden to pale subtle lemon.  Yellow flowers, cushions, arworks and small objects are low risk items to try out.  

Shop your home and closet to experiement - look at fruit, fashion and jewellery and play around with what you have to see what works for your space.

Balance things out with black and white or neutrals.  Or go big with fabulous textiles, interesting patterns and exotic colour combinations. 

Yellow is a great seasonal switch-up colour to make your space look refreshed and vibrant.

 So many options, so much fun.  Check out my instagram feed or pinterest boards.

 Be inspired and Enjoy!



Easy entertaining ♡

We tend to do most of our entertaining on our long verandah, the ideal indoor/outdoor space for our beautiful Cape Town summers whether it's a bigger party or just a family dinner.

It works particularly well to be outside for social distancing!

For summer we tend to keep things simple and easy with pretty drinks and platters of nibbles taking us all the way from starters to desserts. 

After starters a crisp pear and blue cheese salad works really well with cured ham and grilled fish or roast chicken.

Dessert can be a cake, a bowl of fave chocolates or simply delicous seasonal fruit.
Alternatively indulge a sweet tooth with, in this case, a platter groaning with home-made leopard print biscuits together with assorted fruit, pretzel, popcorn and chocolates.

Yum fun.  Enjoy!

Ardmore Ceramics ♡


 I'll be doing a series of posts, mostly a retrospective tribute to finding visual joy and restoring balance during these crazy times.  A respite to beautiful things.

First up are some pics from my visit to the Ardmore exhibition at Constantia Hohenhort:


Whimsical colourful animals and patterns in textiles and ceramics make for a playful and eclectic decor statement. 

Such a great way of bringing fabulous African wildlife into your home (and especially when lockdown clamps down on any real safari options).  



Enola Holmes ♡

 Enola Holmes is a welcome shot of freshness for 2020.

Not only is Sherlock Holmes deftly re-invigorated and humanised by the delectable Henry Cavill, but Millie Bobby Brown as Enola is a charasmatic herione for our times.  


In fact the entire cast does a great job with their characters.  There is everything from traditionalists to reformists and a sneering Mycroft to a budding love interest for Enola.

Although the mystery aspect is relatively light, the movie is charming, fast paced and beautifully filmed. 

Aside from humour it also has hopeful messages for finding family, meaning and oneself.


Let's hope that they make many more!

So in a nutshell, here are my Top 10 reasons to watch Enola Holmes:
1.  Henry Cavill is the best Sherlock ever, quirky and intruiging.
2.  Millie Bobby Brown as Enola is a timeless heroine with verve, beguillingly breaking the 4th wall to draw us into her adventure.
3.  It is a fun, light-hearted mystery with humour and pathos.
4.  The action is well paced and scripted, keeping you entertained all along the way.
5. Familiar characters are now more nuanced and reveal appealing sensibilities.
6.  It has a beautiful period setting and costumes.
7.  It is a coming of age movie with a timeless message.
8.  It is a family friendly film with genuinely enough to entertain adults and kids alike.
9.  The movie is feel-good and has enough charm to make you want to watch it again.
10.   It has a really solid cast with stellar performances all around.

Highly recommended as a fun, feel-good, family friendly movie.



PS For the Henry Cavill fans check out my 4 Sherlock Holmes posts for more pics.