Easy entertaining ♡

We tend to do most of our entertaining on our long verandah, the ideal indoor/outdoor space for our beautiful Cape Town summers whether it's a bigger party or just a family dinner.

It works particularly well to be outside for social distancing!

For summer we tend to keep things simple and easy with pretty drinks and platters of nibbles taking us all the way from starters to desserts. 

After starters a crisp pear and blue cheese salad works really well with cured ham and grilled fish or roast chicken.

Dessert can be a cake, a bowl of fave chocolates or simply delicous seasonal fruit.
Alternatively indulge a sweet tooth with, in this case, a platter groaning with home-made leopard print biscuits together with assorted fruit, pretzel, popcorn and chocolates.

Yum fun.  Enjoy!

Ardmore Ceramics ♡


 I'll be doing a series of posts, mostly a retrospective tribute to finding visual joy and restoring balance during these crazy times.  A respite to beautiful things.

First up are some pics from my visit to the Ardmore exhibition at Constantia Hohenhort:


Whimsical colourful animals and patterns in textiles and ceramics make for a playful and eclectic decor statement. 

Such a great way of bringing fabulous African wildlife into your home (and especially when lockdown clamps down on any real safari options).  



Karoo ♡

After months of severe lockdown, a quick small getaway was the perfect antidote to cabin fever. 

A beautiful Karoo vista to our destination for the weekend - Tankwa River Lodge:

Historic, simple and charming. 

The interiors offered rustic decor with a mix of foraged and treasured decorative objects.

A cosy spot to shelter from the cold wintery weather. 


Lockdown ♡

A posy of quickly foraged flowers from the garden to save them from the wind brings a bit of cheer to our mantlepiece.

Who could have predicted that 2020 would be the year that it is?

We have been in lockdown since March with stringent lockdown measures, bans and curfews.  Our family has managed to stay productive, thankfully, but these difficult times are far from over.

As a distraction I'm finally updating the blog with pics from now, as well as simpler times.

I've taught myself to crochet Granny Squares and have made a lovely keepsake blankie in jewel colours (made mostly from scraps as stocks are low) inspired by one of my Mother's beautiful paintings.

Update:  My latest blanket, in complementary colours, incorporating knitting from 3 generations:

And now this one, a rainbow hexagon blanket for winter cheer:

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Stay safe!

Inspiration ♡


Long before the internet I loved art (and art books) and books.  And colour and pattern.

I also loved hearts.

Then I met my husband online (yes actually, and now I run www.lulusloveshack.com because I know it can work - feel free to check it out if you're single).

So this pink abstract painting I did a few years ago symbolises love and all of these good things.


 During lockdown I started going through some  new and old books, and the charm of illustrations and the tangible aspect of paging through them was quite nostalgic.

But I have to say that pinterest and instagram are a collectors dream - so many visually stimulating rabbit holes to pursue.  I love the distraction of it all.

I miss doodling whilst I "watch" tv, so often now I am on my iphone.

Sometimes I make up little virtual "card" for friends birthdays etc.

Knitting and now crochet takes over during winter.

Good to feel productive whilst watching escapist movies and series.

I'll be posting some recommendations for great things we've enjoyed too.

Whatever keeps us inspired and optimistic!  Especially during lockdown.