London is bewitching ♡

London is bewitching 🥰 (as is Henry Cavill in the Witcher)

The Witcher 3 launched when we were in London.

We were in the same spot at The Outernet Tottenham Court Road just before!



 Highly recommend getting out there and enjoying the fabulous media show.

The scale makes for a fun immersive experience!

Nature, geometrics, trending and trendy.


The area has great architecture - old and new - and is also super close to the famous "Tin Pan Alley"

 Catch-up with the delectable Witcher 3 episodes as they air - they are the best so far.

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London Summer ♡

Summer in London is so fun!  London laughs in flowers.

And we spotted the perfect pink Barbie car in London too!

There is so much to delight the senses.

The architecture is adorned with hanging flower baskets and the colours are bright.


The city is alive with people, brands, merchandising. 


Love this summer crochet clutch!


 How quirky and adorable is the yellow duck shop?

So many visual delights, food treats, and my favourite is just people watching.

Soho, Chinatown, Covent Garden and pretty much every street has something interesting to see.


We have just returned from a jam-packed trip to the UK and I'll share a series of posts of our road-trip and highlights of all the places we visited.


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