Crochet Blankets ♡


I've been posting quite a few pics of my latest crochet projects (works in progress or wips) on instagram.   Check them out at

 This is the current mile a minute striped blanket for our beach house:

I love creating my own take on patterns and it has been fun learning some new stitches.

I have learned so much since my first "mix and match" granny square blankets:

There really are an endless variety of options - from the larger squares to smaller ones.  Joining and border and colour options provide limitless opportunities, and it is easy and flexible to change or adapt if you want.

Safe to say that I am a complete addict!  How many blankets is too many?  Asking for a friend ;-)



 It is so much fun, and there is so much inspiration out there.  Am currently loving experimenting with borders and how they can really finish a blanket project off!

I highly recommend giving crochet a try. 

Happy crocheting!