Lounge 4 ways ♡

Love tweaking things and making little changes in our home.
Our lounge mantlepiece has a charming family portrait presiding over matters, but the little things around her are ever-evolving.

Colour and pattern are so easy to add to anotherwise neutral palette. 
The subtle greens of ceramics and magnolia cushions gave way to pops of pink (brought in by roses).
That then made way for some pretty candelabra to balance things out, followed by a return to simplicity with home grown rosemary.

Flowers make a quick and easy change, and the coffee tablescape supports whatever is going on.  Currently things are quite subtle and restrained.  
Things are bound to keep changing going forward though!
Which look do you prefer?

Celebrations ♡

Celebrating Life.
Whether it's a special occassion or a simple lunch on the verandah.
Excuses to Dress up.  Tablescapes.  A theme.  Just for fun.
Carpe Diem.

Flowers.  Colours.  Pattern.
And the joy of giving and receiving little thoughtful artworks.... gifts!