Salad Days ♡

Thought it time to share some delicious and simple platters that I make.  Hope that these ideas make summer lunches and al fresco parties easy and enjoyable. 

Colourful salad with edible flowers, nuts and feta cheese - a feast for the eyes.

I like to combine something green, something crunchy, something creamy and something slightly unexpected (like fruit or flowers or cutting shapes for a visual punch):

Serve with some rustic bread or garlic rolls and sliced gammon served hot or cold:

Do all the prep beforehand and assemble before serving.  

Roast chicken or sliced fillet is fabulous as well.

In winter a platter of oven roast veggies (in this case aubergines, peppers and artichokes on grilled cabbage) with balsamic drizzle works a treat too.

A simple, healthy and beautiful option is to just serve seasonal fruit.  

Or a cheeseboard with grapes, figs etc!

For summer a mango and yoghurt dessert, berries or grilled peaches with marscapone or simply strawberries and cream.  
In winter you can add hot white chocolate sauce or naughty custard and icecream.

These platters give you more time to spend with your guests and have fun.

 Enjoy and bon-appetit!