Crochet Blankets ♡


I've been posting quite a few pics of my latest crochet projects (works in progress or wips) on instagram.   Check them out at

 This is the current mile a minute striped blanket for our beach house:

I love creating my own take on patterns and it has been fun learning some new stitches.

I have learned so much since my first "mix and match" granny square blankets:

There really are an endless variety of options - from the larger squares to smaller ones.  Joining and border and colour options provide limitless opportunities, and it is easy and flexible to change or adapt if you want.

Safe to say that I am a complete addict!  How many blankets is too many?  Asking for a friend ;-)



 It is so much fun, and there is so much inspiration out there.  Am currently loving experimenting with borders and how they can really finish a blanket project off!

I highly recommend giving crochet a try. 

Happy crocheting!


Nedile Safari ♡

Our son has just come back from a fabulous short trip to Inyati at Sabi Sands.  His spectacular sightings included a leopard kill which he has featured on his instagram page

Check it out!


This reminded me that I have been a bit slack about posting the second batch of pics from our Welgevonden Safari trip at the beginning of the year.  We stayed at the awesomely situated Nedile Lodge.  This is a more traditional "bush lodge" with lovely comfy decor and great food.



The wildlife sightings were great too.  We had this incredible experience watching 2 young cheetah males hiding from their food (ie baby wildebeest who walked right past them).

Can you see them lying as flat as possible in the foreground?  The bush is a fascinating place.
We saw loads of rhino - often obstructing the road like here: 

It is always such a treat but I won't post "proper" pics of rhino with geographical locations as they are so endangered.  
We also saw lion, buffalo, gentle giraffe and waterbuck (with their distinctive markings).


 I also love the bush flora, scenery and beautiful African sky.  I took loads of pics as thunderstorms rolled in.

On our last day we were obnoxiously lucky to see a leopard (doing her morning yoga) behind this elephant.  Can you see her (in the distance behind the elephant's right tusk)?  These are just my dodgy iphone pics, my son has the proper camera and posts droolworthy images on instagram.

Nedile camp has a small water hole frequented by beautiful elephants.

It was such a great trip - memories to last a lifetime!

For proper bush photography from our trip check out or Robert's blogspot:

Hope you have a fabulous bush experience to Africa soon too!


Clifftop Safari ♡

To celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary we took a trip to Welgevonden Game Reserve in the scenic Waterberg area 3 hours north of Johannesburg.  

Our first two nights were spent at the fabulous Clifftop Exclusive Safari Camp in the Reserve.  The camp is luxe with modern decor and has a dramatic setting overlooking the river far below: 


The dining and entertainment areas are understated and elegant, with quirky rustic touches.


The service was friendly and attentive, and we loved the inclusive treats.



Our rooms were very luxurious and spacious and had private pools overhanging the river below.





Our ranger Stanley was amazing - navigating us through elephant roadblocks and rhino leading us back to camp.  Highlights included cheetah on a kill, lions, numerous white rhino, and a black rhino with her baby.  


But the most unbelievable experience was watching 6 lions teasing first a wildebeest, then rhino, then hyena, then other rhino and on departure having a rhino charge the vehicle!  The somewhat rushed and stiff G&T sundowners afterward will never be forgotten!

These are all just my happy iphone snaps.  For proper bush photography from our trip check out

Highly recommended, hope you have a fabulous bush experience soon too!