Henry Cavill ♡X♡X


Hi Henry!

Awesome to see Henry post ahead of his birthday and in advance of the Durrell Challenge. 

Watch his latest instagram post here:



Whilst I admit to being a long standing fan (and for this reason Henry features amongst many of my pinterest boards) of Henry as an actor I feel that the way he comes across in interviews and in less guarded moments with his fans is by far the most appealling thing about him.

Lockdown has proven to me how important the arts are, and watching Henry in great shows and movies like The Witcher, Enola Holmes, The Tudors and The Man From Uncle has been great entertainment and an awesome distraction.

I wish this talented, kind, generous and gorgeous man nothing but the best in his personal and professional life!

May he and the many other artists who have been working so hard during lockdown receive the space, support and respect they deserve.



Hope that we see Henry in many more projects on our screens soon.  And if he wants to get away from it all - maybe even visiting beautiful Cape Town and on safari in South Africa sometime ;-)