Lockdown ♡

A posy of quickly foraged flowers from the garden to save them from the wind brings a bit of cheer to our mantlepiece.

Who could have predicted that 2020 would be the year that it is?

We have been in lockdown since March with stringent lockdown measures, bans and curfews.  Our family has managed to stay productive, thankfully, but these difficult times are far from over.

As a distraction I'm finally updating the blog with pics from now, as well as simpler times.

I've taught myself to crochet Granny Squares and have made a lovely keepsake blankie in jewel colours (made mostly from scraps as stocks are low) inspired by one of my Mother's beautiful paintings.

Update:  My latest blanket, in complementary colours, incorporating knitting from 3 generations:

And now this one, a rainbow hexagon blanket for winter cheer:

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Stay safe!

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