Home sweet previous homes ♡

Evocative memories of previous homes - love how favourite things make a home.


Childhood home with an artists garden and a driveway of violets.

 Highveld thunderstorms and the smell of rain on African soil.  Our thatch roof house with sprawling bougenvialla, ponds and treed garden.  Fanciful dining room wallpaper.

Victorian semi-detached bijoux homes in Cape Town.  Decorative fireplaces and mountain views.

First home - a blank canvas mews flat with bottlebrush tree.

Llandudno sunsets followed by a renovators dream and starry lights.

Married life with Modernist angles.

A family home fit for a princess and little prince.


And after this the move to our current home (to be featured on upcoming posts).
X♡X ♡

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