Rhino Dehorning ♡

We were involved in a poignant but necessary Rhino dehorning excercise at Phinda Game Reserve recently.  
Phinda have an ongoing rhino dehorning project in an attempt to save their rhinos from being poached. In addition the vet extracts blood/DNA from the rhino which is used for research purposes and logged on a database.  If any poachers are caught with this rhinos DNA on them in future then charges against them bear significantly more weight.

The briefing session

The helicopter departs to look for suitable rhino to dehorn

The vet explains the darting process and history of rhino dehorning
The vet departs to dart the rhino
Vehicles follow where the helicopter is leading the darted rhino

The woozy rhino is attended to by  rangers and the conservation crew

The rhino is blindfolded and socks placed in his ears, then rolled over to be in a safer position

Measurements, ear notching, DNA sampling etc is carried out on the rhino

The vet cuts back the rhino horn and all fragments are collected and safely removed

Now dehorned this rhino is of no value to poachers which will hopefully save its life

For more beautiful wildlife photography see https://www.instagram.com/robforrest.photography/

Phinda Conservation Management:  Simon Naylar

Rhino Dehorning Vet: Dr Mike Toft


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