Robert Forrest Wildlife Photography ♡

What a difference a good photographer makes! 
Finally here are some pics from my talented wildlife photographer son Robert.  
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Spot the teeny tiny cheetah cub in the tree below, and some other fabulous cheetah moments.

Our trip yielded several special sightings with lions:


Particularly exciting was watching a lion stalking her prey, and then seeing lion cubs on a kill:

The de-horning of a rhino through Robert's lens included these great shots:

Some dangerous hippo (in and out of the water) and feisty elephant:

Robert did a great job capturing these hyena antics:

Aside from the bird ringing exercise there was little opportunity to stop for birds and smaller things.  However Robert is a keen birder and has a great eye for detail so photographed several birds including a pretty forest guinea fowl, and tiny forest orchids.

He also did justice to our sighting of this baby giraffe with his mother, and other lovely moments from our time in the bush.

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