Drawing Room ♡

Our fancifully named drawing room is the smallest and lastt addition to our home.  It is my little "salon" or she-cave where I indulge my love of jewel colours and eclectic sparkly objects.

This space is constantly evolving.  I love to change things up.  And by this I mean with art, cushions, throws, books, flowers and moving around cute things from elsewhere in the house.
Almost all our new cushions can find a space here, even if it's just for a season.  

I love how different the space can look with a quick tweak or two.

The basics are neutrals - a white couch, two cream chairs, 2 ghost chairs and a black and white ottoman.  But the layering of kantha quilts or granny square blankets and assorted cushions provide endless variations on colour and pattern.

The planned gallery wall of ceramics is still waiting in the wings, but that will finish off the jewel box perfectly.  Until then my abstract art and other paintings complement whatever else I have going on in the room.

Happy decorating!


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