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 Thomas Beaudoin is a fabulous Canadian actor who has starred in a variety of movies, series and commercials.

The very first movie that I saw him in was The Spirit of Christmas, the BEST Christmas movie of all time.

The story is a great twist on the usual Hallmark formula and is really sweet.

Thomas has also starred in a more adult Christmas movie, The Trouble with Mistletoe.  A story with great chemistry between the romantic love interests.

He is an excellent, soulful actor actor with great range.  I particularly loved his nuanced work in the futuristic series Nova Vita.


Quite a novel plot with memorable characters, I wish this had been renewed for season 2.

The French series Hubert et Fanny looks superb - would be great if available with English sub-titles. 


I also really enjoyed Thomas in Off the Rails, as well as the more light hearted Hallmark movies Love on the Slopes and Love's Last Resort.



 For a giggle, check him out as the hot fireman in this Sauza tequila commercial.



Thomas is well known model, active sportsman and also a talented artistic photographer.

He has great range - and looks great as a hipster or suave leading man.


This man needs to be in more great mainstream movies.  He would make a great 007!

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Coming soon is my post on other fave romantic movie stars. 


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