Flowers ♡


 A while ago I picked a huge bunch of proteas off the protea bush in our garden.  I cannot believe how prolifically it is flowering.  It is an absolute joy!

The next best thing to enjoying cut flowers or garden flowers (whether they be succulents or exotics) are photographs or paintings of flowers.

I can appreciate a single blossom, or a hedonistic big bouquet.  Any and all colours and varieties welcome.  Here's a round-up of some flower pics that I've posted to instagram.

My  mother always had a posy of flowers in every room.  Now I can understand why.

I also adore botannicals, basically any floral motif.  Colour and pattern and more is more!

When I want a reprieve, or a more elegant look I love the restraint of white (and green).


I actually love leaves as well, or just greenery.  But that will have to be a whole other post!

♡X ♡X

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