Crochet Snood ♡

 So last night I posted this pic onto instagram:  "Can’t decide if I like this piece I’m working on or if I should frog and do something else with the squares. 🤔 "


I'd experimented with doing a crochet heart motif and decided that grey and caramel would be a good combination for a snood / poncho idea.



I'm a huge fan of quilts and love experimenting with colour and a mix of patterns to create a one-off, unique, homemade piece.  But this project just isn't working for me so I checked on my instagram post.

This post has gone viral!  Thank you everyone for the 1,000+ likes on day 1.  Wow, now I feel bad about wanting to unpick it :-)

June Update:  Now almost 65,000 exposures - and it's still a work in progress!


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